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Who Are WE

BFP Solutions is a real estate investment company that provides hassle free alternatives to selling your home. If you are in San Antonio, Austin, Houston or the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and you are looking to sell your home quickly, you depend on a fast, fair CASH offer with as few hassles and hurdles as possible. That’s where BFP Solutions comes in! Having a traditional agent can cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars, without a guaranteed sales date. With BFP Solutions we bypass the entire process, providing you with no-obligation offer. Many of our clients close in as little as seven days or less! Call BFP Solutions NOW and take the next big step of selling your home today!

Problem Property

We Specialize in the Following:

  • tickAuction
  • tickBehind on Taxes
  • tickBankruptcy
  • tickInherited Unwanted Property
  • tickTired of Repairs

  • tickDivorce
  • tickVacant Home
  • tickDifficult Tenants
  • tickJudgements/Liens
  • tickJob Transfer/Relocation

Home Up For Auction?

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Angelo and Anna Dimarco

Salvador Rodriguez

Alberto D.

Had the fortunate opportunity to work with BFP Solutions and I must say the experience was 100% . I was able to sell my home to them at a very fast rate. With ZERO problems. And best of all we worked out a fair price where we all left happy.

Selling my home in San Antonio helped me tremendously in rebuilding my home that was significantly damaged during hurricane Michael in Panama City Florida. I was able to sell 850 miles away in less than a week. Thank you so much guys.

Extra/Complimentary Services

BFP Solutions is here to make your moving experience as easy as possible. We understand that moving can be an inconvenient hassle. Let us free you from this burden by providing a complimentary moving service! For more information contact us at

Meet The Teem

Bryson Whitley


After witnessing his parents file for a divorce and watching his childhood home get foreclosed upon at the age of 10, co-founder Bryson Whitley made a promise to himself that regardless of how difficult it may be, he would do anything and everything within his powers to help anyone who may be facing similar situations. The idea of helping others developed into a passion throughout the years. This passion was the final deciding factor in Bryson’s decision to forgo a career in Network Marketing after graduating with a Bachelor’s in Political Science from Texas State University, and pursue a career in Real Estate, where he will be able to use the skills that he has accumulated throughout the years to assist Homeowners in both retaining and maintaining their properties. With a personal motto of “Turning problems into opportunities”, the main objective has always and will always be to prioritize the needs of people and keeping homes together.

Ryan Whitley


It seems as though we have reached a time in our society where disregarding the issues in the lives of one another has become normal. While it is true that we all have our own issues to worry about, co-founder Ryan Whitley has always believed in the ideology of “Lifting as we climb”. After experiencing his first foreclosure at the age of 10, while simultaneously handling the devastating effects of the divorce of his parents, Ryan decided that he would no longer watch as others fell victim to circumstances similar to his own. Instead, he would pioneer a program that would help Homeowners in distressed situations overcome their situation, and help families maintain their homes. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing from Texas State University, Ryan decided to utilize not only the expertise and experience that he’d developed over the years, but the skillset of his twin brother Bryson as well to pursue his passion of helping others in Real Estate.

Justin Brown

JV Partner

Justin is a successful sales and business person, that brings outside knowledge as well as knowledge from his own investments in real estate. He has always had a passion for real estate and glad he has the opportunity to help homeowners.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase the standard of living by revitalizing neighborhoods and expanding the quality of housing for residents. At BFP Solutions, it’s our goal to not only have a positive effect on our families and ourselves but also to inspire, motivate and create lasting change in everyone we encounter.



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Motivate & help others to achieve their goals.
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Believe in & commit to personal development and growth.


Solve Problems. Create the opportunity

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